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Beginners and Newcomers - check out Getting Started

For stitching fundamentals go to TemariKai ToolKit; For terms and definitions, go to the Glossary

Making and Wrapping the Mari

    Dodai Mari - about making your own
    Noisemakers in Mari - getting them there and keeping them noisy
    Rice Hulls (Komegara) - how to for mari cores
    Wrapping the Mari - help for the important first step
    Making a Mari - photo tutorial
    Mari Sizing - measuring size and converting between diameter and circumference; sizing chart

Dividing and Marking the Mari
    Standard Divisions - the standard divisions in Temari, and the difference between a division and marking
    Dividing Hints and Helps - tips for the initial dividing of dodai mari
    Equator problems - when the equator isn't at the equator - what to do and how to fix
    Marking & Marking Threads Hints and Helps -  get it right from the start 

    Tamentai / Multiple-face Markings - adding extra faces to the C10 Division
    Tamentai / Multi-face Reference Charts - imperfect and perfect faces segments and totals
    Tamentai Example: 92/272 faces

    V-ruler - about and how to use the JTA V-ruler
    V-Ruler Chart - the reference chart for V-Ruler values (C10 centers)
    Order V-ruler - information to obtain V-ruler

    Extra Mentai / Extra Face Markings - common extra face markings found in patterns

Working the 3 Standard Divisions

    Tanjyun toubun: Simple Division - photo tutorial

    Hattitobun no Kumiawase: 8 Combination Division - photo tutorial    

    Jyuttoubu no Kumiawase: 10 Combination Division - the methods of working a C10 Division, photo tutorials

Stitching  See also: TemariKai ToolKit  &  Glossary of Traditional Japanese Temari

    All-Over Designs/Kousa Style - interwoven designs; hints for all-overs.
    Anchoring Threads - starting and stopping working threads in designs   
    Asa-no-ha - "hemp leaf", traditional, popular design in Japanese textile & art
    Bits Temari / Orts Temari - using those end pieces of threads (orts, bits, rags, snips...)  
    Bunka Thread - about & how to use for temari
    Double Thread Stitching - technique to prevent twisting threads
    Embellishing & Finishing - final steps in finishing a design
    Floss - tips on using stranded floss in temari making (rather than spun, corded threads)
    Glossary of Traditional Japanese Temari - cross-referenced to site content

    Kagome / Basket weave - basics for creating a never-ending weave   
    Keeper Pins - what they are and what they do in Temari designs
    Kiku Design & Uwagake Chidori Stitch - intro essay, stitching tips
    Kousa Kagari/Style & All-Over Designs - interwoven designs; hints for all-overs.
    Little Things - stitching basics and tips
    Maki Kagari - extra hints and tips for wrapped designs
    Mawashi Kagari - continuous stitching around a face; also referred to as Hitohude gake
    Nejiri Kagari/Style - interlocked designs   
    Obi on Temari - what makes an obi
    Polygons & Shapes - help and tips on stitching solid and open shapes
    Renzoku kagari - continuous stitching circumscribing the mari as a whole 

    Seed Stitch - one of several Western stitches adopted into temari making  
    Silk - a bit about using silk threads
    Stitching Threads - common threads used in temari making
    Stretching Points - adjusting stitch placement in sharp corners  
    Tack Stitch - a little stitch with a large role
    TemariKai ToolKit - illustrated directory of traditional Temari stitches and styles
    Threading a Needle - or rather, needling the thread

    Uwagake Chidori Stitch & Kiku Design - intro essay, stitching tips   
    Uwagake Chidori Kagari Variations - altered application of the stitch
    Yubinuki (Thimble Ring) Obi-  help for stitching yubinuki inspired obi patterns

General Reference / Misc

    Bin Temari - Temari in a bottle/container   
    Geometry and Conversions - basic definitions, formulas, conversions and ball measurements
    Glossary of Traditional Japanese Temari - authentic terminology, integrated with Western terms when applicable.
    Hanging Loop - one quick and easy method to attach a hanging loop to finished temari
    Hints & Tips - little ideas that don't have any other home   
    Musical Mari Bases - assembly, hints

    Needles - choosing, care and threading
    Notebook -  the how, why and importance of keeping one
    Pattern Grids - basic pattern grids to use for diagramming and notebook keeping
    Skill Sheet - what it is and how it can help; download skill sheet master as PDF
    Tape Measure Dividing - instead of or in conjunction with using paper strips
    Teenies/Small Mari - hints for working on smaller mari   
    Temari Designs on Eggs - using temari techniques for decorative eggs
    Teko-bari - Japanese "stroking needle"  

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