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Japanese Culture...
                        ...as it relates to Temari crafting, and other enjoyable tidbits

NHK  - Japan's national Public Broadcasting system, English version (will open in new tab)

Web Japan - very comprehensive website, available in English. Japanese and additional languages (will open in new tab)

General Japanese traditions and customs:

    Gift Giving - a very serious custom in Japanese tradition
    Kimono- a brief intro to basics   
    Traditional Schools of Arts -  the traditions and processes, even today
    Weddings - Japanese traditions and gifts

Japanese Festivals and  Celebrations:

    Harikuyou - Broken needle Memorial; February
    Hina Matsuri - Girl's Day, Doll Festival; March

    Kodomo no Hi - Children's Day; May
    O-Bon - Lantern Festival, Festival of Souls; July-August
    Oshogatsu - New Year Traditions and Customs; December/January
    Sakurua Matsuri - Cherry Blossom Festival; March/April
    Seijin no Hi - Coming of Age Festival; second Monday in January
    Shichi-Go-San - 7-5-3 Day; November

    Tanabata - Star Festival; July/August
    Tori no Ichi - Rooster Days; November

Other Temari-related Japanese crafts:

    Kimekomi - separate craft from Temari - fabric covered balls coming from Kimekomi Dolls
    Yubinuki - Japanese thimble "rings" - which give rise to inspired Temari obi designs


    Japanese Language - brief introduction to concepts
    Speak Japanese - some basic pronunciation rules, phrases and words to get you going
    Traditional Japanese Decorative Motifs - meanings of decorative images in Japanese embroidery   
    Traditional Japanese Colors - seasonal patterns of color and combinations

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