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Pin the Map! - check out where TemariKai readers and stitchers hail from, and add your pin (it's secure &  confidential; only what you enter shows to anyone, including me).

Here's how it works: click the View / Pin link below. A context window with the map will open here. Close the welcome message (which is help on using the map), then click "post" in the map menu bar. The cursor changes to a finger. Point to your location on the map (you can zoom in and move it to help get there). Click on the map. An entry box will open that will ask for your name (first name or nickname is fine); add your location (general, not your address), and something in the comment box (perhaps how long you have been making temari, etc.); choose a pin color, and select your country flag. Click submit, and you should be pinned.

Come back and see who/where we all are - Temarikai has a world-wide reach. Open the map and click on "List" in the menu bar.

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