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Resources Contents

    Books, English - thoughts on some of the English temari books available
    Books, Japanese Listing - illustrated directory of Japanese Temari books
    Books, Japanese/English Cross Reference - a concise text only reference listing
    Books, Using Japanese Books - help on interpreting Japanese books and patterns without translating
    Books, Protecting & Preserving - ideas on how to repair well-worn books; making new ones easier to use
    Color Choosing Hints - tips and suggestions from temari makers
    Color Wheel - the basics of color and using it
    Copyright Basics - respecting everyone's ideas  See also Japanese Patterns and Copyrights, below

    I-Ro-Ha - Ordering characters for 1, 2, 3/A, B, C   
    Japan Temari Association -  (Nihon Temari no Kai) Japan Temari Association and Temari Gallery/Museum
    Japan Temari Association Certification - how to join the JTA and apply for certification levels.
    Japanese Schools of Traditional Arts - the traditions and processes & certification, even today
    Japanese Patterns and Copyrights - basics to understand
    Japanese Traditional Motifs - meanings of some decorative images in Japanese embroidery
    Japanese Book Translation Help - common character strings
    More About Temari Tradition - some additional history and background
    Original Composition Patterns/Designs - a little bit about, in essay/editorial format   
    Pattern Grids - basic pattern grids to use for diagramming and notebook keeping
    Photography Tips - hints on photographing your Temari
    Selling Your Work - what you need to know beforehand
    Skein and Thread Storage - keeping the stash protected and organized
    Teaching Tips and Experiences - hints for teaching Temari....
    Threads and Dyes -  dye lots, and why it matters (or not)
    Thread Gauges - how many rows of thread cover how much area and how to convert
    Variegated Threads  - info, how to
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