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        Interpretations/translations of Japanese book patterns & personal composition Temari patterns

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        TemariKai 2014 brings a revamped Pattern and Design listing; patterns are now cataloged by division. A difficulty level is indicated with each pattern: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Any level may be further defined as Acc/Accomplished. Within a division listing, organization is mostly chronological; there is a search box (below) limited to pattern, and you can also access the Site Map. Page 1 of each division contains the patterns collected through 2013, edited over from the old site. Pages 2 and onward contain new patterns added to Temarikai 2014.

 Tanjyun Toubun Hattitobun no Kumiawase Jyuttoubu no Kumiawase Tamentai
Simple Divisions Page 1 C8 Divisions
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C10 Divisions
Page 1
Multi-face Markings
Simple Page 2 C8 Page 2 C10 Page 2

C8 Page 3
C10 Page 3
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Additional / Misc. Pattern Listings:

    Mystery Balls - temari designs in verbal form, in the style of "Mystery Quilts" - stitch it to see the what the design is!
    Rag/Bits Ball - how to use up those end pieces of threads
    Smorgasballs - make the jump to creating your own design compositions

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