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         "Mystery Balls" were part of TemariKai a number of years ago; they are based on the "Mystery Quilt Block" idea that is popular among quilters. The general idea is that you have text instructions for the pattern, but no diagrams or photos. Each person follows the instructions, as they "see" or interpret them. You don't find out what the design is until you are finished, or close to finishing it. It's a fun and unique stitching project, and will also help develop your temari skills. You'll find all of the info you need within TemariKai.com, if you have questions or get stumped. Remember to check out the glossary, toolkit and other how-to pages.

           Patterns are graded as to difficulty by the person submitting it. Obviously there is a "target" outcome, but with a good degree of wiggle room. When you complete a design, you're invited to send it in and we'll add it to the Photo Gallery for completed Mystery Balls (send it to gthompson@temarikai.com). You can also go view the photos if you need hints. Consider submitting a Mystery Ball design for everyone to have fun with (that's where most of these have come from) - again, another great learning experience as you check out your temari notebook skills. Email for info or questions. Have fun!

Mystery Ball 01 Beginner/ Accomplished Beginner April 2014
Mystery Ball 02
Accomplished Beginner
October 2014

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