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9/2013: Yahoo Groups underwent a major upgrade to "Neo" version. It's been terribly buggy and we are still working to get things amended. Most notably, TalkTemari has always (since its inception in 1999) been an open/public group, welcoming everyone who wishes to join. Neo forced a status change to "Restricted", and Yahoo claims it is impossible to revert to "Public". As such, anyone joining will automatically be accepted; upon that please follow the directions you will receive regarding being granted full posting privileges. As it always has, TalkTemari welcomes everyone.
    Join TalkTemari on Yahoo Groups -  companion discussion group to TemariKai.com (will open in new window)

    Using TalkTemari Yahoo Group Functions - quick help for Yahoo Group functions (photos, files, links)

    TalkTemari Group Policies - what you need to know about participating in TalkTemari Yahoo

    TalkTemari History & Activities - a little bit about how it came to be and what it is

    TalkTemari GITS - about the Great International Temari Swap

    Talk Temari StitchAlongs - learn or relearn techniques, patterns, etc.through TT posts

    TalkTemari / TemariKai Live -  coming soon on the Temarikai Channel of UStream    Time zone Conversion

    Talk Temari Local Gatherings - regional meets of Temari enthusiasts; read about the many that have been held.

    Host a gathering - thoughts on how to host a local gathering.... some of the basics to think about

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