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            TalkTemari,  and other ways to interact with Temari crafters 

    Join TalkTemari on Groups.io -  companion discussion group to TemariKai.com (will open in new window). As of March 21, 2017 TalkTemari was moved from Yahoo Groups to Groups.io. The new home provides a much cleaner and user-friendly interface. Everyone is welcome to join TalkTemari no matter your level of skill - including if you've never made a temari before, or perhaps are just curious. Come join in and enjoy!  Use the sign-up box above, or click on over to the group page.

    TalkTemari Group Policies - what you need to know about participating in TalkTemari Groups.io

    TalkTemari History & Activities - a little bit about how it came to be and what it is

    TalkTemari GITS - about the Great International Temari Swap

    Talk Temari StitchAlongs - learn or relearn techniques, patterns, etc.through TT posts

    TalkTemari / TemariKai Live -  coming soon on the Temarikai Channel of UStream    Time zone Conversion

    Talk Temari Local Gatherings - regional meets of Temari enthusiasts; read about the many that have been held.

    Host a gathering - thoughts on how to host a local gathering.... some of the basics to think about

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