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        TalkTemari is the companion discussion group to TemariKai.com. When I discovered and was captivated with temari back in 1998, I posted a few personal web pages (that was also pretty much the dawn of home computing and the web, as well) just to see if there were any other people out there. At that time there was precious little on the web, and certainly nothing that was instructional. Within 24 hours I had been contacted; that list quickly grew and a private email list was created. Within 4 months things were beyond what a personal address book could manage, and the first listserve was set up. TalkTemari has had a few server homes before landing on Yahoo Groups in 2000. The group membership has grown to a membership of over 700 at this point in time; yet countless others have dropped in to visit for a time and then moved on. TalkTemari has birthed many friendships that transpire just a love of the art; we have has a group laughed, learned, celebrated and mourned together. It's a bit mind boggling to think back through it all, but it's been and is a pretty good ride. It's hoped that you will enjoy being a part of it.

    Please note that Yahoo rolled out a new version of Groups (called Neo) in September of 2013, and it has been plagued with bugs and issues. I have no control over them, but I have been working closely with Yahoo Feedback in the hope of helping to resolve them. Please be sure that your browser and computer operating systems are up to date, and that cache and temporary files are kept clear for best results.

Good things happen on TalkTemari, more than just discussion posts. Here’s a run down of some of the things that are offered:

*) Check out and become familiar with the utilities available in TalkTemari Yahoo: Photo Albums, Events Calendar, Files, and Links. All of these are chosen through the top menu bar on the homepage of TalkTemari Yahoo Groups. You must be logged in to Yahoo and a group member to access these functions. Please explore these functions and become familiar with them - it's beyond the scope of TalkTemari itself to provide support for using Yahoo Groups in general but there is a basic help file - in order to gain the most from being a member of TalkTemari.

Other activities that happen through the list include:

*) GITS: TalkTemari has become known for the Great International Temari Swap (GITS). Read about the history of how the GITS and about how it works. GITS Rounds are held about  every 6 to 8 weeks.

*) Project Challenges: Every so often we set up a theme or set of guidelines to stitch a temari around – such as perhaps a certain color, a particular stitch, pattern, etc. You work a temari according to the guidelines and post a photo of your results on TalkTemari Yahoo for everyone to share.

*) Stitch Alongs: StitchAlongs are online tutorials for working a particular stitch, pattern, technique, etc. The SA leader posts step-wise instructions every 5-7 days to guide everyone through the topic, using both the list posts as well as photos and PDF files that you can download as a written tutorial. You post questions back to the list as needed as well as photos of problems, etc as you go. Completed project photos are shared at the end of the SA (if you want to).

*) Ai’s Store: We have a good friend in Kobe who is a JTA Temari Kyoujyu/Level 4, and Ai is very generous in guiding and teaching us. She also has an online store for Japanese temari supplies. You can order from her at any time on your own, but it’s a much better deal to get in on a TT Group order which is set up every few months. This saves on shipping and usually results in some quantity discount. I have no business arrangement with Ai, and do not profit from coordinating orders or recommending her shop.

*) StitchIns/Local Meet-ups: Yes, there are even real "meet and greets" to learn, share and stitch together.  StitchIns or other local gatherings can only be advertised/posted to TalkTemari if they are limited to TalkTemari members for legal and liability reasons. If you want info about setting one up or want to put one on the calendar, let me know.

*) Group Supply orders - there will occasionally be a group order to obtain what might otherwise be some hard to find supplies. Again, I do not profit or otherwise benefit from coordinating them.

        If you have questions, suggestions, or requests, please drop a note. Likewise if you would like to volunteer to lead a StitchAlong, drop a note so we can work out the details. Remember that I’m happy to help with prepping materials with you for a StitchAlong if you need it. Email me at gttemari@verizon.net


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