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  TalkTemari's Great International Temari Swap     

        Back in the summer of 1999, when the discussion group was in its infancy (though it didn't stay that way for long) one of those first people (a great lady by the name of Sarah Robinson) happened to say that she always gave away her Temari, but never got to see any others since no one else around her knew anything about them, much less made them. It also happened that Sarah was very happy and generous to share some Temari supplies she had brought back with her from her stay in Japan, although she refused payment for them. Or, we should say, she refused monetary payment, but she would gladly accept a temari in exchange.

        So, the list mommy had a great idea (!), finding herself in the same place of not having a clue what any other temari were like other than the ones she made....   and proposed to the discussion group that we have a temari swap amongst the list members. Those who wanted to play would email the list mommy with their desire, and at the end of the sign up time, we'd plop all the names into the hat (literally) and randomly pull by twos to pair up. Each person would then make a Temari for their partner, and send it off.

        The Great International Temari Swap was thus born, and continues to this day.  The first swap occurred in July of 1999, which was a "Maker's Choice" free-for-all, whereby maker chooses the pattern and works a standard size Temari (2 to 3 inches) in the threads they normally would use - the only thing allowed is that they may check with their partner to determine if there are colors the partner just doesn't like... no sense pouring your efforts into that. Round 1 had 18 members swapping, with almost all fulfilling their commitment. It's become a super way to explore how temari can differ, see different stitching techniques and use of color, and become inspired to try new techniques and designs.

        GITS Rounds have continued every few months, and have become a favorite on TalkTemari. Some rounds are Maker's Choice/Free for All (maker chooses the pattern); other times there may be a themed or guided round, specific colors or ranges, pattern element challenges, or inspirational challenges (such as the flowers blooming in spring in your area of the country, or even the name of a song of choice). As of this writing (January 2014) there have been 68 swap rounds completed, with the 69th being launched. Participants can number from around a dozen to over 30 people. Each round has a better than a 95% completion rate, and 100% completion is not uncommon, with everyone completing their trades. New swaps are announced on TalkTemari with a signup period, and are run 4-8 times a year. This year's (2014) rounds have introduced the idea of "mystery partners" - rather than being paired 2 by 2 and those sets posted on the list to start, the list mommy now pairs everyone individually (but still randomly) with your partner's name and info being emailed to you - so you will not know who is making the temari that you will receive until it arrives in your mail box.

         The only rules to GITS is that  it is for fun with no pressure. There technically is no deadline to complete a swap but it's asked that you do your best to do so within about 6 weeks after the pairs are announced (or at least get in touch to let your partner know what's cooking). Everyone on TalkTemari is welcome to play, regardless of level of experience as long as you've made a temari before. All players understand that they may be paired with someone that has been who has been making temari for a time much different than their own, and that does not matter - every temari is cherished.

           New to Temari and Talk Temari? Think that you are not accomplished enough to sign up to play? Phooey! Join in. TalkTemari members can view photos of previous GITS rounds in the Photos albums on TalkTemari Yahoo.          


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