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  In Memory and in Honor of Sarah Robinson          

        You will find through Temarikai.com many references to Sarah Robinson. Sarah is also to whom, in part, Temarikai is dedicated. She was dearly loved by us all, a charter member of the TalkTemari Discussion group (which  began in 1998), British by birth and living in Cyprus with her hubby (who gave his blessing to this page) after spending many years sailing the world with him in his navigational career. These travels allowed SarahSarah the opportunity to spend some time in Tokyo, where she was a part of the Temari class for the Tokyo Union Church Women's Group. The lessons were taught by Sensei Ozaki of the JTA.  Sarah openly shared with us all she could of what she learned from Sensei through the early days of TalkTemari, and is a big reason many of us fell in love with what we do. In addition to sharing her temari, she blessed us all with sharing her knowledge, humor, life, love and care; it was a deep and painful loss when she passed away in March of 2001. The first edition of TemariKai.com was being built and written when Sarah became ill in September of 2000, and because she had shared so much of what was making it possible, TemariKai.com was originally dedicated in her honor, something which gave her a wonderful boost (and chuckle). Sadly, it was all too soon before it became in memory. Those of us that interacted with her will never forget her.
        Shortly after her death, I was contacted by Sarah's step daughter in the U.K., another Sarah (!), and we quickly became solid fast friends, remaining so to this day. The friendship we share is a beautiful legacy of an earlier one. It was through "Little" Sarah (versus "Big" Sarah), that I was given the honor of bringing Big Sarah's Temari notebook from her classes in Japan to be available.

        We honor and remember her here through these photos Sarah shared with us. Were she still with us, she would, I know, still be sharing her love and inspiration.  You will find photos of her work in other places on the site, but here you will find those that might not otherwise find a place. We can think of no better way to honor, thank and remember her than this page on TemariKai.com.      

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