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Please be patient as TemariKai continues to experience its rebuild. Photos are returning on a gradual basis (March 2014)... 

        Temarikai 2014 is using a self-contained image gallery to make albums accessible cross-platform, and to provide safety. Everything is hosted on the Temarikai server, not a third party. When you click on a Gallery Title, it will open in this tab/window; when you click the "Return to Photos Contents" it will return to this page. See the legend below for navigating the gallery.

Personal Galleries: (samples of my work over the years; interpreted and composed)

Simple Divisions Designs, Ginny T.

C8 Divisions Designs, Ginny T.

C10 Divisions Designs, Ginny T.

Groupings and Misc. Projects, Ginny T.

Community Galleries: Community Galleries are those made up of photos submitted by Temarikai readers and TalkTemari members. There will be various gallery groupings; we're starting off with photos that give good examples of using the basic stitches and styles. Sharing photos of your work will help inspire others, at all skill levels. You need not be an expert temari crafter or fantastic photographer. Have a photo (or few?) to share? Send it along! Join in and share the wa.

Stitch and Method Examples:
Amime Bara Kagari
Hoshi Kagari
Jyouge Douji Kousa Maki Kagari Masu Kagari
Mitsubane Kikkou Nejiri Nejiri Mitsubane Sakasa Uwagake Kagari Shitagake Chidori Kagari Tsumu Kagari Uwagake Chidori

Mystery Balls: 
check out the Patterns Section for Stitching Info - don't peek till you try it!
Mystery 01

General Designs
Simple Divisions C8 Divisions C10 Div Artistic Interp

How to use the Galleries:

Gallery Legend

          How to submit photos to the Community Galleries: Photos can be submitted by email. Please be sure that the shot is at least 400 pixels in dimension (about 2 1/2 inches if printed), and on the other end, not huge. One or two photos per email, please, but you can submit as many emails as you would like. Photos will be added to the most appropriate category based on design. It may take several weeks for your photos to be added, but keep the faith. The galleries are still a work in progress. You can email to:  gthompson@temarikai.com    
(I can't promise that every photo will be used, but there's a pretty good chance you'll find yourself in the TK Galleries....)

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