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TalkTemari Policies 08-2014      

        Talk Temari offers activities in addition to online discussions. The list is run in as open an environment as is possible, but there does need to be some management. These policies have evolved through the life of the group & have proven their need and purpose; it's asked that they be understood and followed. TalkTemari has hundreds of members; this is how we try to be sure that things flow smoothly and happily for everyone.

        From its birth, TalkTemari has been open to everyone wishing to join. That policy remains in effect, however upon the roll-out of the update to Groups by Yahoo in September 2013, the group's status was changed to "Restricted" from "Public", due to a Yahoo glitch. Yahoo decrees that this cannot be undone. Therefore, even though it might seem otherwise, everyone is automatically approved for membership. However, as has been for many years, all new members are temporarily moderated upon joining. IN order to avoid being hacked by spammers, your posts will not show until released by a moderator until you check in after being approved for membership.

        When you join TT please email gttemari@verizon.net and introduce yourself.  Your status will be released from moderation and you have full posting privileges. Don’t post your intro to the list, write to the list moderator, or reply to the Yahoo welcome message – your note must come to gttemari@verizon.net. You'll receive a follow-up welcome as well as being taken off moderation. Then....

1) Start at TemariKai.com  TemariKai.com is the parent site to the TalkTemari group and packed with information. It contains over 10 years of compiled information from TalkTemari as well as personally researched and authored content, much of it learned through my journey through the certification levels of the JTA. Temarikai is regularly indexed and searchable. You'll likely find the help you're looking for faster on the site than posting to the list. However, if you need more help, are still curious, or have not found what you need on TemariKai.com, then DO post to TT for more help and discussion, but always check TemariKai.com first. Quick links on Temarikai.com:   How To   Resources  Getting Started . You'll also want to check out the TalkTemari section on Temarikai.com to learn about the Great International Temari Swap (GITS), Group Activities, StitchAlongs, etc..

2) Talk Temari is not for self-advertising, self-promotion or solicitation;  this includes but is not limited to website, album and blog updates, causes and charities, and/or items for sale. This is adhered to no matter how good or relevant the cause may seem, so that  TT remains about temari rather than a PR list about everything else. It also prevents conflicts of interest regarding self-promotion and personal agendas. Use a discreet sig file for showing newly added material (see below).   TemariKai.com updates are not posted to TalkTemari; you need to join the TemariKai News list, or follow TK on Facebook).  New members with websites (or existing members starting a website) should post a one-time note with your URL info to the TT  list to let the community know about your link, and you'll be added to the Links page on Temarikai.com. After that use other communication to anyone interested in your updates. Note that using email addresses of others from TalkTemari for promotional use or solicitation is likewise forbidden, and it is illegal.

3) Add the URL to your online photo album, blog or site to the appropriate folder in LINKS on TalkTemari Yahoo; this is where members go to admire everyone’s work.  Don't use social networking sites for sharing with TT, since it forces someone to join the networking site to view them. Use an online album or blog in addition to a networking site so everyone can enjoy. ** If you don’t have an online photo album, blog or personal website, you are invited to create an Album in the Photos section of TalkTemari Yahoo (use the title TTM (your name) of (where you live) as the title format to share your temari photos.

4)  All images & files added to albums or folders on TalkTemari  MUST use a file name that shows it is yours. Use either “Rename” or “Save As” on your computer before you upload to TTYahoo. Using the caption or description field in the TT album during or after uploading does NOT rename the file and is not a substitute for renaming prior to upload. The file name should connect the file to you – for example,  “Temari01GinnyT.jpg” or    “GinnyTKikuBlue.jpg”. Do not use the default file name from your camera or one that leaves everyone  wondering who it belongs to (regardless of it being in your album or folder). With the growing membership of TalkTemari, it's not advised to use only your initials.  Photos are moderated when uploaded to be sure that they are appropriately named and if not, you will receive an email telling you that they have been discarded for this reason, to rename the files and to upload them again. This is for everyone's protection of ownership - they are YOUR photos, not someone else's for the taking.

5) Use a sig file on your TT posts that includes the url of your website, online photo album, blog along with the changed update date. This is an easy and clear way to allow people to know when you last updated your stuff, and how to get to it quickly.

6) Do not include other causes, statements, quotes, links, etc., in your sig file. TalkTemari is not a forum for broadcasting any personal, political, religious or other views or statements. We all respect each other in this manner. If a sig file carries such info, you'll be asked to remove or modify it for TalkTemari use; if it persists, your posts may be moderated in order to remove any sig file info.

7) List posts and content should be on-topic: that is relating to the crafting, history, tradition and culture of the folk art of Japanese Temari. If you are posting something off topic, please keep it to topics that are still of interest to the group, and use an "OT" preface in your subject line. 

8) If you change the subject of a discussion, BE SURE to change the subject line. You don't have to start a new message, just change the content of the subject in the header. Otherwise it is very difficult to follow discussions and impossible to search the archives in a useful manner.

8) Do not start multiple threads for the same discussion topic. If you are replying to a topic, use the  "REPLY" button in your email client. Multiple threads make it impossible to follow a discussion, take up storage, and makes using the archives impossible. Scan the current messages to see what's happening before you automatically start a new thread. If you are changing the subject in from a discussion thread, then  DO start a new line - for all of the same reasons.

9) Social Networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc) -  popular for some people, not for others. TalkTemari communication happens on TalkTemari and remains independent of social networking. Please do not send social networking invitations to the list and do not use a social networking photo album as your primary online album for sharing Temari photos.

10) TalkTemari is an active and large group. There will be various viewpoints on things; it's all discussion, and discussion is not a directive. "Different" does not have to be "wrong". Having various thoughts can be good - one person's approach may not work for you, while someone else's might. Sometimes "agreeing to disagree" is the way to go. We remember the group dynamic, and are respectful and courteous to each other. We all come to the list as, and remain, students of temari - no matter how much experience one may have or gain. There are beginners to advanced stitchers on the group, and programming has to be set to appeal to everyone. Temari takes time to learn and it takes practice and patience. Advanced members are patient when projects are targeted to beginners, and likewise beginners need to realize that not every project is at a beginner level.  It's not about or for one person, but everyone. The only objective is to enjoy and learn. Thanks, and have fun!

        TalkTemari the companion list to Temarikai.com.  Your participation is an agreement that information arising from discussion may be posted on the website with due credit as having come from you and/or the TalkTemari Discussion Group, and becomes copyrighted information (for your protection).  TalkTemari on Yahoo Groups is non-promotional/non-commercial and not for the personal or financial gain of any member. TalkTemari content is under copyright; you may use/download one copy for your personal, non-profit use. No content is to be republished without permission.     
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