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Temari Pattern Mystery01 / TemariKai Mystery Balls

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Accomplished Beginner
Originally posted January 2000; contributed by Diane B.

Prepare a 25 - 30 cm circumference mari with standard thread wrap. The wrap should be in a dark color; black is ideal. Divide and mark a Simple 16 with equator using metallic or other decorative thread.

Place marking pins on the division lines 1/2 the distance from the equator to pole. Beginning at the north pole, work a kiku design using uwagake chidori kagari on the first set of  alternate lines, placing the upper stitches as close to the pole as possible, and the bottom stitches at the marking pins. Use your own choice of thread color(s) and number of rounds.  The bottom of the kiku should stop far enough from the equator to allow for some decoration as an obi, if desired. You will have 8 petals. 

On the second/alternate set of marking lines, work the kiku design using uwagake chidori kagari with stitching thread that matches the ball wrap. Work nejiri style / interlocking, so that the threads pass under the threads of the previous rounds on the left side, and over them on the right side.  Work about one half to one third the number of rounds on this set of lines as was worked on the first set. The bottom of the second kiku will not extend as far as the first kiku.

Decorate the obi as desired.  Part of the mystery is “what children’s toy does this design resemble?”

Send in a photo of your completed temari to be included in the Mystery Balls Photo Gallery! Remember, everyone will have a different outcome. If you're stuck, you can peek at the photos for help, as well.

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