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Temari Pattern Mystery02 / TemariKai Mystery Balls

Difficulty Level: Accomplished Beginner and up
Originally posted January 2001; contributed by Sarah Robinson (Cyprus)
Edited October 2014

Prepare a standard size (23-25cm) mari. Wrap it in a muted color (not high contrast to stitching threads). Mark an 8 Combination using muted thread. 

Locate the triangles in the marking. Using pearl cotton in color of your choice, stitch a triangle within each marked triangle, placing the starting points 1/2 distance between center of triangle and corner points. Keep your line of stitching parallel with the marking lines.  Stitch a triangle in each of the triangles around the ball in 1 row of any color. After completing one row in every triangle, stitch a square around each pole/8-point center linking the 4 triangle points around that pole. Again keeping the lines of stitching parallel with the marking lines, stitch 1 row of any color. Continue to work, building up in alternate layers of triangles and squares until you cover the ball completely. 

How many colors of stitching threads, and when you change to a new one is entirely up to you.

Send in a photo of your completed temari to be included in the Mystery Balls Photo Gallery! (Use gthompson@temarikai.com, and subject line Mystery Ball Results).
Remember, everyone will have a different outcome. If you're stuck, you can peek at the photos for help, as well.

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