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Translation Reference for Using Japanese Books
        The full TemariKai Glossary is a solid & large source of information when it comes learning about and making temari. That being said, it's a bit cumbersome to use for when one is trying to "crack the code" in the text of the many (and gorgeous) Japanese books. While much of working a pattern can be discerned from the photo(s) and diagram(s) for a design, it can help to be able to noodle out some common terms in the text. It must be remembered that there can be variation in Japanese content based on the region or prefecture, age of the author, local dialects, etc., so nothing will be foolproof - there can be differences based on the book. However, these charts pull together some of the more common and helpful character strings (which can be in Kanji, Hiragana and/or Katakana) to make it a bit easier to sort through and identify things.  They are broken down into stitches/methods, colors, numbers, and ordering. This is a quick cross-reference only; for detailed information refer to the Glossary. Because of the content size of this page, it's available as a PDF for download and printing.

Stitches & Methods
Romanji English Japanese Characters
Amime Kagari Net Stitching 網目かがり
Asa no ha Hemp leaf 麻の葉
Bara Rose 薔薇
Chidori Kagari Zig Zag 千鳥かがり
Chokkei Diameter 直径
Dan Row; 1 row of stitching
Enshuu Circumference 円 周 or  え ん し ゅ う
Gokaku Pentagon 五角
Hachikakkei Octagon
Hatitoubun no kumiawase Combination 8 Division   C8 8等分の組み合わせ
Hishi (or Ryou)  Diamond shape
Hokkyoku North pole 北極
Hoshi Star (5 point)   星かがり
Ito Thread
Marking/Division thread 地割り
Jyouge Douji Concurent N/S Stitching 上下同時かがり
Jyuttoubu no kumiawase Combination 10 Division   C10 10等分の組み合わせ
Stitch かがり
Kai Round
Kaku Corner
Chrysanthemum 菊  or  き く
Kousa Interwoven 交差かがり
Maki Kagari Wrapped Band 巻きかがり
Mari/dodai Ball まり  or  土台
Matsuba Kagari
Pine Needle 松 葉かがり
Mentai Face 面体
Mitsubane Kikkou Tri-wing & Hexagon 三 つ羽根亀甲かがり
Mitsubishi Three Diamonds 三菱  or   みつびし
Nankyoku South pole  南極
Nejiri Kagari Interlocked (twisted) shape  ね じりかがり
Nejiri Mitsubane Interlocked (twisted) 3 wings 捻り三羽根
Obi Belt/band around equator
Obi Kagari Stitch on/around obi 帯かがり
Renzoku Continuous stitching 連続
Rokakku Hexagon 六角
Sakasa (Uwagake) Kagari Uwagake on all corners 逆さ
Sankaku Triangle 三角
Sekidou Equator 赤道
Shikaku Square 四角
Shitagake Chidori Kagari Chidori Kagari worked under
Sujidate Uwagake Kagari
Chidori Kagari worked over 1

Tamentai Many faces 多面体
Tanjyun toubun Simple Division  単純等分
Tsumu Spindle つ むかがり
Uwagake Chidori Kagari
Chidori Kagari worked over all
Uzumaki Kagari Spiral stitching 渦巻き
Common Words & Phrases
Romaji English Japanese Characters
Ban Turn/number in series
Chi/ji Region/spot/place
Chuukyuu Intermediate (level) 中級
Chuu Middle/center/inside
Do # of times/repeat
Dou Same/similar
Gai Outside
Gyaku Inverted/reversed
Gyou Line/stroke
Hajimi Origin, start, beginning 始め
Hasamu Put between 挟む
Hatsu First/start
Hen 1/2 / one side
In Hide/conceal
Ireru Insert/put into 入れる
Jou Upper part
Joukyuu Advanced (level) 上級
Jun Order
Ka Under/below/lower
Kaku Each/every
Kankaku Interval/spacing 間隔
Kanki Wrapping/winding 巻き
Katsu Divide/cut
Kei shape/form
Kou Cross over/opposite
Kougo Alternate 交互
Kyou Insert/place in between
Kougo Alternate 交互
Medatanai itode Inconspicuous thread 目立たない糸で
Musubi Tie/join 結び
Nai Inside
Nagai Far/stretch/long 長い
Rame Metallic/lame (thread) ラメ
Rin Adjacent/joining
Saisho Beginning/start/initial 最初
Sen Line
Sentan Pointed end 先短
Shi Beginning/start
Shinchuu Center 心中
Shishuito Enbroidery thread 刺繍糸
Shokyuu Elementary (level) 初級
Shuu Around/surround
Soku Side
Ten Spot/mark
Toubun Division of equal parts 等分
Tomaru, tomeru Stop/end 止まる
Tsuu Pass to/back & forth
Wari Divide
You Important/necessary
Zairyou Materials 材料
Zen Before
Zu Drawing/diagram

Colors:   Iro  色
Romanji English Japanese Characters
Ai Indigo
Aka/Aki Red
Aoi Blue
Aoguroi Blue, dark 青黒い
Cha Brown
Gin Silver
Ki Yellow
Kin Gold
Kon Blue, dark
Kuroi Black 黒い
Marusaki/Murasaki Purple
Midori Green
Nezu Gray (dark) ねず
Orenji Orange オレンジ
Pinku Pink ピンク
Shiroi White 白い
Shu Vermillion (red-orange)
Wasabi Green (bright, light) わさび

I-Ro-Ha Sequencing/Ordering
English Equivalent

i 1 or A

ro 2 or B

ha 3 or C

ni 4 or D

ho 5 or E

he 6 or F

to 7 or G

chi 8 or H

ri 9 or I

nu 10 or J

ru 11 or K

o 12 or L
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