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  Pattern Grids for Temari          

        An integral part of learning how to make temari, and continuing to enjoy the art is keeping a notebook. It serves not only as a journal of your work but also as a reference. It is pretty much a requirement when taking classes in Japan. Granted, temari information available on the web has changed learning a bit and made it somewhat easier, but keeping a notebook is still highly recommended, both for your own enjoyment as well as when the time comes that you want to refer back or share a pattern that you have stitched.

        It's easier to work diagrams and sketches for your notebook if you have a starting grid for the division you are stitching on. These pattern grid masters are offered to aid in keeping pattern notes. They can (and should) be downloaded: right click on the image, then choose to save and/or print. They can then be attached into your notebook to make diagramming patterns a snap. Each diagram will give a clear print at about a 3 inch size, once saved to your computer. If you want to adjust them larger or smaller, open the file in any image editor and re-size it. You may be able to adjust the size using the print scaling option in your browser, but you'll get better results using an editor. Alternately, they can be printed and then enlarged or reduced on a copy machine. These are hand-done images; you are welcome to them for personal use but please do not otherwise reproduce them digitally or mechanically for other publication or use.

        These grids cover the majority of temari designs. The polar orientations may be used for simple division designs as well as the vertical master - there is no right or wrong, it's whichever you are more comfortable with. The vertical master is 20 sections; for anything less (like a Simple 8), just trim it down or ignore the extra lines; if you need a larger vertical grid, piece several together. Please remember - to use these grids, save them to your computer as individual files. Don't just print the page or you will not have images large enough to be of use. The table below is for quick reference only, not meant to be usable grids.

If you prefer, you can download a zip file of all of the images.

Polar Simple 4 Polar Simple 5 Polar Simple 6
Polar Simple 8 Polar Simple 10 Polar Simple 12

 c8 c10p
Polar Simple 16 8 Combination 10 Combination Polar

10 Combination Flat Vertical/Simple, Flat
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