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  The Sarah's Book Project: Sarah Robinson's Temari Notebook                    

                        Benefits the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, USA     

        You will read about Sarah Robinson as you visit pages on TemariKai.com. Sarah was a beloved charter member of the web readership as well as TalkTemari. She was an expert stitcher and also had an uncanny knack of being able to interpret designs from the Japanese books. She was always challenging us all to higher levels of creativity while sharing and supporting us all the way. Sadly, sarahs bookSarah was taken from us far too soon by lung cancer, even though she waged a valiant battle. In the weeks just after Sarah's passing, her step-daughter (also named Sarah) contacted me via TemariKai.com  -  "little" Sarah had begun to learn temari from "Big" Sarah, and now it was time to connect. As much as we were mourning it was a joy to come to know "little" Sarah, and we became fast friends. The dream became for Sarah, who resides in the United Kingdom, to be able to come to the US for a visit.

        That dream came true at the Temari NY Stitchin in April 2004. In the months leading up to our visit Sarah and her dad Peter Robinson (Big Sarah's hubby) talked about how they wished that they could share Big Sarah's Temari notebook - Sarah R. had taken lessons in Tokyo while ported there with Peter's career station, and then went on to start a temari stitching group when they settled in Cyprus.  I said that I would try to help; Sarah, Peter and I "huddled" and the Sarah's Book: Sarah Robinson's Temari Notebook Project was born.

        Little Sarah (who inherited the treasure) brought it with her when she came for the StitchIn, and a high-quality color copy was made. The decision was made to convert it to a digital "book" - since this would be the most effective way to keep cost and shipping low while providing a quality item. In lieu of Peter's desire that I "not lose out" (as he put it) in terms of my time (which ended up being over 100 hours to copy, scan, edit, refine and convert each page to Adobe PDF format, as well as composing the supporting documents, securing the additional persons and services needed....) to make it happen, I proposed an alternative. The book would be offered for a donation to The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA USA, so that we could not only share Sarah's notes but also help support cancer treatments and cures. All services needed to produce Sarah's Book beyond the actual physical costs have been donated, so that full net proceeds will be forwarded to Dana Farber. Many of TalkTemari's members have been touched either directly or indirectly with cancer, so this project is near and dear to many.

        Sarah's Book: Sarah Robinson's Temari Notebook was originally offered on data CD but is now (as of August 2011) solely by electronic delivery due to changes with the distributors. It is Sarah's notebook convereted to PDF files of her notes, so that it is cross-platform compatible. There are 76 interpreted pattern pages (it's important to note that these are not original patterns of Sarah's but come from her teachers and previously published Japanese books etc.: they are her interpreted notes). They range from basic beginner to some that will challenge the most advanced stitcher. There is also a page of Kanji characters and phrase translations that Sarah accumulated that can help (but really are not required). Not only does Sarah's Book provide pattern interps to work but it also will show you what keeping a temari notebook is all about. Any or all of the pages may be printed to create your own hard copy if you desire.

         It is our belief that Sarah would want this available to as many temari crafters as possible, so pricing has been decided accordingly, and all proceeds benefit Dana Farber Cancer Institute/The Jimmy Fund. In addition, many family members of TalkTemari and TemariKai.com have chosen to name The Sarah's Book Project as a memorial charity for loved ones.  As of July 2011, Dana Farber has formally recognized The Sarah's Book Project as an on-going fund raiser for The Jimmy Fund. It is with pride and joy that we remember Sarah in this manner. It has been an honor and joy, and deeply touched me to be a part of this. None of it would have happened without Peter and Sarah B. generously offering to share; nor would it have been possible without the help of Susan, Sue, Kathy and Diane all along the way. To you all, thank you, more than can be put into words. To those ordering Sarah's Book - thank you for your support of the Sarah's Book Project. Not only are you helping to support cancer research but you will also be keeping Sarah's legacy alive and with us.
        Electronic Delivery of Sarah's Book:  Sarah's Book may be ordered via The TemariKai Shop on Etsy. A PayPal account is required for purchase. Delivery will be via .zip file. PDF reader and unzip utility (both are usually already on your computer) required.  The purchase price of $10.00US is the basic donation to Dana Farber plus electronic transaction fees. You will receive all of the same files contained in the original hardcopy version as well as a file containing the case cover and insert material.                  
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