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In Memoriam 

  It is with sadness that I begin this page, because it signals to us that life is fragile. Readers of the site know that TemariKai.com was originally dedicated in honor of Sarah Robinson, who was waging her battle with lung cancer at the time I wrote and designed the first edition of Temarikai.com. Sarah died of complications of the disease shortly after TemariKai.com was launched, and it was with a heavy heart that I changed the dedication from her honor to her memory.

       Since that time both the readership of TemariKai.com as well as the membership of TalkTemari has grown tremendously, and it is quite boggling as to how many people are among our number have been touched by cancer or battle other physical/medical challenges. The blessing is that somehow temari seems to bring to all a sense of peace, and for that we give thanks.

       Those on the list know how much we all touch each other; let us daily honor and support those among us that are facing struggles, and remember those that have left us:

  • Sarah Robinson; March 12, 2001
  • Christine Barker; May, 2004
  • Becky Truesdale; March, 2005
  • Joan Carter; October 2008
  • Barbara Taylor; April 2009
  • Gen Ladwig; 2011
  • Dianna Mahnken; July 2011
  • Kathryn (Kathy) H. Grantham; July 2011
  • Kathleen Wyke; October 2012
  • Julie Minnear; June 2015

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