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  Ordering a V-Ruler  

Please note:
This info remains on TemariKai.com due to V-Rulers being in use for so many years; however they are no longer available and have been replaced with C-10 Rulers.

        A tool that has been unique to temari-making is a V-ruler. They are  great little gadgets that are simple to use as one method for dividing and marking a 10 Combination Division. They were supplied through the Japan Temari Association in Tokyo; the JTA agreed to allow them to be V-ruleroffered through Temarikai, in good faith only at the cost of purchase/shipping from the JTA  (supplies and related items sold through the JTA and Temari Museum are what help to provide the operating funds for the Association). However, the company which produced them for the JTA has seems to have ceased operation. While there are a few remaining available, most of the temari-making world has transitioned to the C10 Ruler.

   September 2017: V-Rulers are sold out.

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