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10-Combination Division: Jyuttoubu no Kumiawase   

        Jyuttoubu no Kumiawase - the 10-Combination (also referred to as Combination 10, or C10) is one of the standard divisions in temari making. Mastering the C10 is the third major step in learning temari divisions (after simple and C8 divisions). The C10 builds off of a Simple10 so mastering simple divisions is a must before moving on to the combination divisions, but a wonderful world opens up to you c10when you add combination divides to your repertoire.

       Traditionally, the C10 Division begins with marking a Simple 10. Remember, the definition of a combination division is "combining on", or adding on, more centers of the same starting value, symmetrically arranged around the ball. To create a Combination 10 additional sets of centers and lines will be added which will, in conjunction with the originals from the simple division create a marking that adds 10 more 10-point centers, just as the Simple 10 has 2 10-point centers. The outline shape of these 12 centers is a pentagon. As these centers are formed, there will be additional major faces appearing that become integral players in stitching C10 designs: 20 6-point triangles, and 30 4-point diamonds.

        There are several options for both pinning the centers of a C10 as well as laying down the actual marking threads. Beginners should learn the traditional method of using the paper strip and adding on sets of Simple 10 lines to each pole. Once a basic understanding of the C10 division is gained, then stitchers may choose their preferred methods of both locating the centers and laying down the marking lines. Any centers option can be paired with any lines option.

Centering Options

Marking Line Options
Paper Strip (traditional)
Sets of Simple 10 (traditional)

Continuous Wrap   
C10 Conversion Ruler   PDF

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