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Temari Pattern GT04 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Interpretation of common design. Originally posted 2009, contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 25cm circumference mari, wrapped in black. Pearl cotton #8 DMC colors (from light to dark): 762 (gray), 211, 554, 552, 550 (all lavenders to dark purples), green. Metallic thread in red and gold. 

This is a simple design, worked in the traditional Jyouge Douji and Uwagake Chidori, Sakasa style stitching techniques.  The impact of this particular project comes from the shading of the threads; 6 shades are used along with highlight colors. Prepare a Simple 16 division, marked with red metallic. Mark the equator with waste thread. Place keeper pins on each vertical marking line where it crosses the equator.

Using Uwagake Chidori on each pole with Jyouge Douji across 2 sets of marking line, work rows in the following order of colors:

1) one row of black
2) two rows of purple #550
3) two rows of purple #552
4) two rows of lavender #554
5) two rows of lavender #211
6) one row of gray #762

When passing threads through the keeper pins be sure to keep them neat, laying them carefully. Pay attention to how the threads interweave above and below the equator... groom the threads as you go for a crisp and clean effect.

Use maki kagari to wrap the obi with Pearl #5 in green; anchor the thread and carefully remove the keeper pins as you go, flattening each bundle of threads from the Jyouge Douji stitching as you go. You can make the obi as wide or narrow as you wish, but be sure to have fully anchored the pattern threads with the wrapping.

Embellish the ball with obi kagari (obi zig zag) stitch to hold the obi wraps in place. Add matsuba kagari straight stitches across the poles in between the red vertical marking lines as shown in the photo.
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