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Intermediate design; one of 8 JTA Shihan  exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W.
AW13   AW13   AW13
Materials:  26cm mari wrapped in light turquoise

Pearl cotton #5 in white, 3 shades of pink, yellow, variegated greens, dark green, medium green. Kreinik very fine braid in Dark Brown & iridescent white.

Marking thread:  to match mari wrap.

Prepare an 8-Combination Division using invisible marking

Add keeper pins as shown in red dots on diagram to the left. Work Jyouge Douji with double thread in variegated green pearl cotton. Space the 8 stitches along lines from center of sides on N & S face to N & S poles starting right above the marking line. Pass threads through the keeper pins to center line below the next face. Complete this round (shown in green lines) then do alternate sequence (shown in blue lines). Stitches for 8th round should be approximately .3cm from N & S poles.

Secure threads at keeper pins and mid-line with Tabane Kagari, using double thread in variegated green thread.
Still using green variegate pearl cotton, double thread, stitch Masu Kagari as small solid at north and south poles. Using same thread, weave 8 open squares around the poles, stitching between rows on Jouge Douji.

On opposite faces, work flower motif in Uwagake Chidori Kagari, starting 1/2 distance from pole and upper Tabane Kagari. Color sequence is 1 row yellow, 1 row of each shade of pink, 2 rows of white. See diagram to left.
On remaining faces work Uwagake Chidori motif starting on and ending on the center line as shown in diagram to left. Work 1 row medium pink, 1 row light pink, 2 rows white. Add additional marking line as shown in dark blue dotted line in diagram. work Tsumu Kagari spindle in 2 rows of dark green, 1 row light green. Use long stitches in greens for the stem.
Place dragonfly as shown in diagram; use Kreinik white, double thread for wings. Use Kreinik brown in double thread for body, and add a French knot for the head.

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