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Temari Pattern JZ17 / TemariKai Tamentai Patterns

Advanced design; personal composition offered as TT StitchAlong. Originally posted in 2012; contributed by Joan Z.  Prerequisites are multiple face marking from C10, and HHG path stitching.
Materials: 34 cm circum mari, wrapped in dark color

Pearl Cotton #5 2 or 3 shades of 6 colors

Marking thread in thin metallic

Prepare a 10-Combination Division, increased to 42 tamentai

The design is based on 6 different "Color Islands"; each island will be centered around 1 hexagon surrounded by 4 hexagons and 2 pentagons.  Choose any hexagon and pin mark it: with the same color pins mark the 2 pentagons that touch it and then pin mark the four hexagons that
surround the center hexagon. Find the polar opposite of the center hexagon and mark it with the same color pin then mark the 6 surrounding shapes. These are the first two color islands. To find the next islands look at the 2 outer ring hexagons that were just pin-marked. Turn the ball so that the 2 hexagons are oriented at 3 and 9 o'clock and the center hexigon is at 6 o'clock. In the 12 o'clock position there is an un-pinned pentagon touching them; pin mark that pentagon with a 2nd color pin. Directly above the pentagon will be a hexagon. That is the center of the 3rd color island. Pin mark it and the remaining shapes surrounding it. Find the polar opposite of this center pentagon and pin-mark the 4th color island. (On photo 01 the green pins are a completed color island. If you look at the blue pins you can see where the pentagon is located for the next color island.) This leaves 2 color islands without pins; this is where stitching will begin. Check to make sure that there is a center hexagon surrounded by 2 pentagons and 4 hexagons.

JZ17 JZ17
To keep track of the stitching sequence stitch each color island in rainbow order. Using the dark shade: Start where the center hexagon connects with a pentagon, stitch around the hexagon and exit at the same pentagon then follow the HHG stitching path. When you come to the last hexagon in the island stitch around the whole thing, exit where you entered, and fill in the unstitched portion of the path.  End you thread and move on to the next color island. To keep the stitching neat pin mark the pentagon  used to exit the center hexagon.
If you are stitching with 3 main colors stitch the next color path on the opposite side of the mari before changing to ther next rainbow order color. If you are using 6 main colors stitch the next color island in rainbow order where ever you choose on the mari.
Once all of the color islands have one row finished continue stitching in the same order, 2 rows of dark and two medium or light for a total of 4 rows.

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