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 Temari Pattern KK01 / TemariKai Simple Divisions Patterns

Intermediate design. Personal composition. Originally posted 2010; contributed by Karin K.
Materials:  34cm mari wrapped in black with a hint of gold;

Pearl Cotton #5 in red, white and black.

Fine gold metallic thread.

Karin came up with this design after accepting the Chicken Challenge (long story from TalkTemari....)

Prepare a Simple 16 division, marked with fine gold metallic.

The red center: Stitch two rounds of a solid octagon (8 sides), each stitch across 2 marking threads. Add 1 round of  Chidori Kagari with the bottom stitches stretching about 0.5 cm.

The black and white sujidate uwagake kagari:  Use the same marking threads as for the red center. When stitching this variation, always start stitching at a bottom point, not up by the pole. It is much easier to place the stitches doing it this way.

The first four rounds: (black, white, black, black): Using Uwagake Chidori Kagari, stitch in normal manner. Bottom points should be about 1 cm long on the first round.

Round 5 (white): On the top stitches of the uwagake, carry thread over only the last round (black) not all previous rounds.
Repeat this sequence of rounds until design is as large as you wish. Create obi or otherwise embellish as you desire.

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