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Temari Pattern GT07 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. This was one of 8 JTA Shihan exam designs. Personal composition, originally posted 2007, contributed by Ginny T.
Materials:  28 cm mari, wrapped in gray thread.

Pearl Cotton #5 in red, yellow and white.  Medium gold thread for decoration.

Fine gold thread for marking.

Prepare a  Simple 12 Division in fine gold thread. Add 2 extra horizontal marking lines on each side of equator, spaced equally from equator to poles. (Distance between lines will be 1/3 of space between equator and pole. Extra marking lines are shown in dotted lines in diagrams).

Locate the diamond shapes 1-2-3-4 (there are 12), and the diamond shapes A-B-C-D (there are 12) and the diamond shapes a-b-c-d (there are 6) shown in red in Diagram 1.

With red thread, work 1 row of Sakasa Uwagake on each shape.

With yellow thread, work 1 row on each shape. Repeat using both colors, alternating, for a total of 5 rows.
Locate the square shape A-B-C-D shown in blue in Diagram 2 (there are six, spaced around the equator).

With white thread, stitch 1 row on each shape - use the eye of needle to pass thread under threads of diamonds A-B-C-D that were stitched in red and yellow. White thread will pass OVER Red & Yellow Diamonds A-B-C-D, and UNDER Red & Yellow Diamonds a-b-c-d.

Continue to work 1 round of white on each square, repeating for 4 more rows (total of 5), so that corners of squares form interweave/Kousa.

Work 1 round of medium gold thread on each square.

Locate kiku design A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L at the north pole shown in Diagram 3. With white thread, work Uwagake Chidori Kagari.

Start on empty marking lines in between the red and yellow diamond points. Place top point close to pole; place bottom point of first row just above the extra marking line closest to the pole. Work 5 rows, forming a second layer over the red and yellow diamonds. Work 1 row of medium gold thread.

Repeat on south pole.

Using medium gold thread, work long straight stitches at intersections of red and yellow diamonds at equator, crossing in center of intersection. Work short stitches along corners of white squares.

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