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Temari Pattern GT04 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Interpretation from  Naniwa Temari & Miyako Temari ISBN4-8377-0695-9, pg 30, by TalkTemari members. Originally posted 2005, compiled by Ginny T.
Materials: 25cm circumference mari, wrapped in white

Pearl cotton #5 in white and 2 shades of one color. 

Metallic thread in red and gold.

Prepare a Simple 16 division, marked in invisible thread (matching the mari wrap).

Mark and stitch the obi,  as well as upper and lower obi guidelines 1cm above the equator and one 1cm below the equator.

Stitch two rows of squares using the vertical marking lines, upper and lower obi guidelines. The upper row of squares is shown in solid lines; the lower in dashed line. Working the obi squares first helps in determining distances in placing the design around the poles.
To work the design around the poles, add 2 extra marking lines around each pole. On a 3 inch mari, the sides of the squares are placed 2 cm from the pole. While the squares are shown in red and green here, they should be done in invisible marking thread, or the color that you are going to stitch the petals in. Note from Martine: I did NOT use the 2 cm distances used in the Japanese diagram for these squares. My squares were much farther away from the pole because of the size of my ball. To achieve the proper angle of each petal at the bottom the bottom of the petal stitch lines must run parallel to the diagonal lines formed by the squares.

Stitch each section one at a time in its entirety before starting the next (refer to placement of petals in diagram). Start with section  shown in blue in the diagram: Stitch points 1-2-3-4-1: start the stitch at the top bringing thread out to left of one simple 16 division line (1 cm away from pole if using Japanese directions on a 3 inch ball). Go down and to the right and take a stitch over the green line, just to the right of where the red line crosses it.  Now take thread to a point that will be the bottom of the petal (1.5 cm from obi guide line if working on a 3 inch ball) and take a stitch. Now moving up and to the left, take a stitch on the green line, to the left where the red and green cross. Continue back to starting point and take a stitch. Keep going in this manner until this section is complete (about six rounds on a 3 inch ball).  The bottom of the petal should fit into the "V" created by the squares stitched around the obi.

Upon completion of one section, move counter clockwise to the next. Note that this section will be stitched on the red line. Stitch points A-B-C-D-A. Repeat this sequence alternating stitching sections on the green and red lines.

The last section requires that you pass your needle under the threads of the first when stitching the left side of the last section to continue the layered effect.

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