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Temari Pattern CP06 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Interpreted design from Atarashii Temari 7 / Cosmo 7 ISBN 4-8377-885-4 page 7 #3. Originally posted 2011, contributed by Colleen P.
Materials: 23cm circumference mari

DMC Jewel Effects metallic floss: orange E301(5279), blue E334, pink E316(5288), green E703, and black E310.

Waste thread for marking

Prepare Simple 12 Division using waste thread

Note that *all wrapping and stitching with colored floss uses 4 strands* ;  *all wrapping and stitching with black floss uses 6 strands * Wrap orange floss on every other guideline (Maki kagari); begin at the equator so starting and stopping points will not show.
The stitching is done using the Jyouge Douji style (stitched pole to pole). Begin stitching .7 cm from a pole and work toward the equator. Stitch under the waste thread guidelines. The stitches with colored floss are .5cm apart. Because this floss is stiff do as little bending and folding as possible while stitching. Make a stitch by going straight under the guideline and continuing on to the next stitch. If your mari is significantly different in size you may have to adjust the number of strands of floss you use and/or the distance between stitches to make a Temari with the same general appearance.

Stitch the first round with blue floss. 

Round 2 – pink
Round 3 – green
Round 4 - orange
Round 5 – blue
Round 6 – pink
Round 7 – green
Last round – orange                                                                   
Remove the waste thread if you wish, but be sure you can find the equator.  Wrap black floss between the sections (Maki kagari). This wrapping will cover the stitches made with the colored floss. Begin at the equator so starting and stopping points will not show.  Wrap black floss on the equator. Use the black floss to wrap the thread groups at the equator. This will help keep the colored floss in place.

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