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Temari Pattern KK02 / TemariKai Tamentai Patterns

Advanced design; personal composition.  One of 8 JTA Shihan (2012) exam designs, contributed by Karin K.
Materials: 32cm circumference mari, wrapped in black. Pearl cotton #8 for both marking and stitching: red, orange and yellow. Prepare a 10-Combination division using red pearl cotton. Use perle cotton #8 for both
marking and stitching.


Using same red pearl cotton, add extra marking lines as shown in diagram to left to create a 92 Tamentai. Each pentagon contains two rows of yellow and two rows of orange. Stitch five individual pentagons around center 1 (black, full, lines in diagram1).
Center 2: Let the threads go over the threads of the first center prior to the stitch and go under the threads after the stitch.
Center 3: Use the same principle. Let the thread pass over the other threads connected to the same marking thread the stitch is taken around and under on the other side of the marking thread. Pass over the other threads of the pentagon who doesn’t share the marking thread. This will create a woven pattern in the area between the three centers.
Stitch pentagons on the three centers on the opposite side of the mari.

Add matsuba kagari stitches across the six remaining centers between the stitched pentagons (diagram to left). End with a yellow cross stitch on top of the stitches.

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