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Temari Pattern AW19 / TemariKai  Tamentai Patterns

Advanced design; one of 6 JTA Kyoujyu  exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  38 cm circum mari, wrapped in dark blue

Pearl cotton #5: 3 shades (light to dark) each of pink/red, yellow, green, orange, purple. Pearl cotton #8 to match mari wrap

Marking thread: fine silver metallic 

Prepare a 10-Combination Division 162 tamentai.

Using pink pearl cotton, stitch all squares shown in red in the diagram to the left. Using pale yellow pearl cotton, stitch all triangles (shown in yellow in diagram). Using light green stitch kiku motif using uwagake chidori kagari. Place inner stitches as close to pole as possible. Stitch pentagon shown in orange in diagram using pale orange pearl. Stitch alternate kiku (shown in purple) using pale purple pearl, placing inner stitches as close to pole as possible.
Repeat the above stitching sequence until there are 2 rounds of pale, 2 rounds of medium and 1 round of dark all over the mari, using colors in the same locations as previously indicated. Be sure to keep rows close together to allow all rows to fit. Using the same stitching order, outline all shapes with #8 dark blue pearl cotton.

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