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Intermediate design; interpreted design. Contributed by Jessica D.
Materials:  22.5 cm mari wrapped in purple

Kyo threads in yellow, dark purplepurple, lilac, green and light green.

Marking thread in gold metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division in double strand of silver metallic

Locate the square outlined in green in the diagram. The design is stitched using Bara Kagari. Stitch 3 rows in yellow on the lines ABCD. Start close to center. Next stitch 3 rows in yellow on the lines EFGH. Continue the design with dark purple stitching 4 rows on the lines ABCD and 4 rows on the lines EFGH, purple stitching 5 rows twice and lilac stitching 5 rows four times.
The green is worked on the outside of the square in Nejiri Kagari. First 3 rows of green and then 2 rows of light green. Where the squares meet interlock the squares as shown in figure to left.

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