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Intermediate design; interpreted pattern. Contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  24cm mari wrapped in tan

Pearl cotton #5 in 5 shades of ecru to dark brown

Marking thread in to match mari wrap

Prepare an 8-Combination Division in invisible thread

Place marking pins on diagonal marking lines radiating from 8-pt centers, 1/2 the distance from center to corner. Beginning with ecru, stitch one round masu kagari around each center as shown in green line on diagram to left. Continuing with ecru, stitch one round to form triangles shown in blue on diagram, overlapping corners into the squares previously stitched.

Continue to work in this manner, alternating rows of squares and triangles kousa style, working a total of 5 rounds of each color in deepening shades (ecru to dark brown). Adjust as needed to be sure that design covers mari.

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