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Intermediate design; personal composition. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Shelley S.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in green

Pearl Cotton #5 for the colors: green, blue, yellow, pink. Lt pink crochet cotton for the main stitching

Prepare an 8-Combination Division with pink crochet cotton.



This is a simple design, provided you have a passing familiarity with uzumaki kagari. If you do not, then check out the directions on Temarikai.com.

Use the pink crochet cotton to create the spirals as shown in the diagram. The direction of the stitch alternates with each triangle, which creates the shell form. The green arrows and numbers show the direction of the stitching for two adjacent triangles. The half square shown in pink on the diagram shows how the shells are created.  Once the temari is stitched use different colors of Perle #5 to emphasize the shell patterns. This is done by stitching the new color between the spiral lines.  Each color continues in a line around the temari, there is a total of 6 colors.

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