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Intermediate design; interpreted from various Japanese sources. Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 23 cm circum mari, wrapped in orange

Pearl Cotton #5 in assorted colors, or a supply of bits/orts 

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division


Locate the three shapes shown in the diagram. Each shape will be stitched using sakasa kagari. The shapes are worked and fill in from the OUTSIDE in to the center.
Begin with the red squares in the diagram (located on each pole of the C8- there are six). Points A, B, C, D (all all points of each shape) are located 1/2 way between the poles and intersections. Stitch the green triangles in the same manner, and also the blue diamonds (they look like squares in the diagram but in reality on the mari they are diamond shapes).
It helps to wait to work the diamonds until the squares and triangles are completed since the points of the blue diamonds are started tight against the sides of the green triangles. Because of the nature of the stitching method, the sides will concave in towards the center of the shapes, so you can't get an accurate placement of the diamond starting points until the triangles are complete. Work each shape until it fills into the center; the last/center row may be done in metallic for embellishment.

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