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Intermediate design; interpreted from Atarashii Temari 7 / Cosmo Book 7, ISBN4-8377-0855-4, pg 28 and 54-55. Originally posted in 2001; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 26 cm circum mari, wrapped in denim blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in ecru, 2 shades of gold, and denim blue

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division


Add extra marking threads by working the hexagon that is shown in green (it is not regular) and each of the triangles shown in pink and blue. These extra threads in conjunction with the original C8 threads to form a grid in each hexagon. The design will work over the grid and it will not be seen after completion.

Begin with a stitching thread and work points 1 through 16 or order shown - the thread will cross over itself when placing points such as 3. Place the first round as close to the C8 and hexagon marking threads as you can. Continue working this path, catching the top thread of the extra marking lines as well as the lines running off the top of the hexagons. Work until the side edges of each motif meet. You can change colors as desired. For the ball shown in the photo I used three to four rows of three colors each. The design works from the center out, so the color you being with will be at the center of the design and the last color will be against the mari wrap. Finish off by working small hexagons to meet at the remaining bare intersections or work straight stitch accents across the points.

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