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Intermediate design;  Interpreted from Japanese website no longer available. Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Glenna K.
Materials: 32 cm circum mari, wrapped in light green or white

Pearl Cotton #5 in light and dark shades of green, yellow and brown

Prepare an 8-Combination Division with invisible/matching thread

Leaves - At each 6-line intersection place one colored pin.  At each 2-line intersection place different colored pin.  Note the mark line which crosses between those two pins - this is a wing point. Stitch Mitsubane Kikkou on these lines. You will be stitching over the mark lines which form a square around the 12-line centers you marked in #1.  I will refer to them as Stitch Lines.  Begin with dark green and work this color sequence:  3 Dk Green   Lt Green   2 Dk Green   3 Lt Green   Dk Green

5.  Work 3-Wing & Hexagon Mitsubane Kikkou on each 6-line intersection.  The points of each wing should touch.

Flower Center is a spider web stitch of light and dark Brown.   In the previous step you identified the wing point intersections.  The flower center is worked on those mark lines. Spider Web pattern rounds:   3 Light Brown, fill center with Dark Brown   2 Dark Brown  2 Light Brown  2 Dark Brown  2 Light Brown  3 Dark Brown.

Flowers are worked in overlapping kousa style masu kagari (squares) Yellow Squares on the 2-line and 6-line mark lines.  To determine your starting point lay a long needle or other straight edge along one straight side of the flower center.  Place a pin below the straight edge on the mark line which is the widest on each side.   Rotate the mari 1/4 turn.  Repeat the measurement with the straight edge.  One pin should already be in place.  Place the other outside pin.  Rotate the mari 1/4 turn.  Repeat the measurement and place the 4th pin.

Half of the mark lines should be worked with the flower center pattern.  Four of the mark lines should have the pins you just placed.     Measure and pin with a different color the remaining mark lines in another square pattern. Stitch the first pinned square with light yellow for one round. Stitch the second pinned square with light yellow for one round. Continue to stitch squares, one round at a time the two pinned squares, for about 15 rounds on each.  Your petals should extend out and almost touch the wings previously stitched.  Finish with one round of dark yellow for an outline.

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