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Temari Pattern GT64 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Advanced design; personal composition.  One of 6 JTA Kyoujyu (2010) exam designs, contributed by Ginny T.
Materials:  26 cm mari, wrapped in dark color (navy blue is used here).

Stitching threads: Pearl cotton #5 in red, white, beige/skin tone, black. Pearl Cotton #3 in red.  Medium weight metallic thread in gold, red and green. Bunka thread in white for tassels; 2 small (1-2 cm) pompoms.

Marking thread in gold metallic

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

GT64 GT64
Design is worked on 5 of the 10 pentagons and then mirror image on other 5 pentagons (Santa will also flip 180 degrees). Layout Diagram  (above) shows placement of motifs; Working Diagram (right) shows details of Santa.

Santa Hat: Locate Pt X, 1/2 distance from center to edge of short marking line of pentagon. Lines CX = AX = BX, so place extra lines AX and BX by starting at X, and finding intersection on C1 so that AX = CX. Locate BX by starting at X, and finding intersection on C2 so that BX = CX. The 3 angles around Pt X will all be equal (120 degrees). With red #5 pearl cotton, add lines AX and BX. Starting at X, stitch solid triangle as shown in Working Diagram, filling to edges AC and AB. Line AB will be the last bottom row when solid triangle is complete. There will be open space between AB and marking line 1-2.

Face: See detail figures above. Using the space between line AB (bottom row of hat) and Side 1-2 of pentagon, locate Pts D and E so that they are 1/2 distance between AB and 1-2;  horizontal placement is 1/4 distance of marking line intersection to pentagon corners (1 and 2). Starting at D, work D to E as tsumu / spindle, and work E to D as diamond by taking stitch on center line at Pt a.  Work 5 rounds.
Eyes: Locate as desired, close to marking line 1-2; using black pearl cotton make one French Knot for each eye.
Hat Band:  Using white #5 Pearl Cotton, work 3 long stitches starting at AB and working down towards face. Stitches will slightly overlap top of face.
Beard:  Turn ball upside down. Working from end/edge of face at Pt 2, stitch from side edge to center line, take stitch on center line, then take stitch to opposite side (Pt 1 side). Pass thread under mari wrap to return to Pt 2 side, and repeat, following shape of triangle for beard, ending in point at F.
Body:  Using #3 red pearl cotton, add Lines FG and GH as shown in Working Diagram; Pts G and H are 1/2 distance between where the 2 marking lines (one long, one short) of pentagon intersect with side of pentagon. Passing over (but not around) these 2 lines, work spider web stitch from center outward: pass over line FG, carry thread to marking line and take back stitch around line, carry thread to next marking line and take back stitch over line, etc to Line FG. Enter thread on upper edge of FG, then pass thread under mari wrap to return
to starting point. at upper edge of Line FH. Repeat to edges of pentagon. Add long straight stitches long upper edges FG and FH. With medium metallic gold thread, place long straight stitches from center to edge along each side of ridge formed from back stitches over marking threads., and under finishing thread at upper edges.
Hands:  With white Bunka thread, make tassels: using four or five loops, make 4 tassels, approx 1 cm long. Attach one at either side of body at Pts G and H.
Top of Hat:  With green metallic thread, work matsuba kagari / straight stitches in pentagon F, from center to edge but avoiding hat. Attach pompom at center of pentagon/top of hat.
Snow Flakes:  With white pearl cotton, work chain stitches over marking lines of pentagons A and B; vary length occasionally. Work 2 short stitches on angle at end of chains.
Stars:  In Pentagons C and D, staring 1/2 distance from corner to edge on long marking lines, stitch sakasa uwagake star as follows: 1 row white pearl cotton, 1 row green metallic, 1 row white pearl cotton, 1 row red metallic, 1 row white pearl cotton. Work matsuba kagari from center to edge, with some random variation for twinkling effect.

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