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Intermediate design; inspired from photo in  Edo Temari / Temari from Old Tokyo ISBN: 4837703941. Originally posted in 2010; contributed by Shelley S.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Goldfingering Metallic thread in white, green and pink

Marking thread: thin green metallic

Prepare an 10-Combination Division


Add additional marking lines shown in green in the diagram, over the entire mari. The stars are stitched first; each star is contained within the individual offset pentagon; they are worked in hoshi kagari, sakasa style. Stitch the first line of the star to meet each corner of the pentagon. The next row of stitches is placed just outside the first row and toward the center. The next two rows continue to be placed outside of the previous rows and closer to the center of the star. Check the photo to see the stitch progression.
The green leaves are stitched in and beyond the triangles created by the extra marking lines, as shown in the detail diagram. Work from inside the shape to the outer; the thread starts at the edge of the triangle, shown as #1 and crosses to the far side, #2 then exits the triangle at about a 45 degree angle then goes back to #4 and follows through to #9 then back to the starting point. The next row is stitched outside of the first row leaving a small space between for the base colour to show through. There are a total of 3 rows. The center lines of the leaves are stitched in pink with the pink beads placed at the end of the red line in the centre of the open space between leaves. French knots could be substituted for the beads as the holly berries.
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