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Temari Pattern GT43 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Accomplished intermediate to advanced design; personal composition, one of eight presented for JTA Shihan examination.  Originally posted in 2007; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 33 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, red and yellow

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Add extra marking lines for a modified 32 centers marking (the spacing is altered from a standard multiple-centers marking).  Use medium gold thread. Locate Triangle A-B-C, and Point X. Notice Points 1 and 2; Point 1 is 1/2 the distance of A-X plus 2mm, and Pt. 2 is 1/2 the distance B-X plus 2mm. Place the extra marking lines from the Center Z to Pts. 1 & 2 (dotted lines in Diag 2). Repeat on sides B-C and C-A on Triangle A-B-C. Repeat this marking in each large Triangle on the mari.

GT43 Locate triangle A-B-C, and center Z

With red thread, stitch shitagake chidori star, following the sequence in the diagram. Place the inner/center points of first row 1cm from the center. For the bottom points (a), (c) and (e), place the stitch over the marking lines into the adjacent triangles (these points will overlap with next rows to form interwoven/ Kousa diamonds).  For the bottom points (b), (d) and (f), measure distance from center Z to (a) and subtract 2mm. Work one row in each triangle on mari.
GT43 Work the centers: With white thread (shown in blue in diagram), stitch sakasa uwagake stars in each of 12 pentagon centers (Uwagake method is used on all points all around, rather than alternating with a "plain" point - see the white centers in the photo above). Like a Kiku design, use two sets of marking threads. Work first thread (solid blue line in diagram) on lines ABCDE. Place outer stitch of first row at point where yellow Uwagake sections meet. Place inner stitch 1/2 distance between red points and pentagon center.

Work second thread (dotted blue line in diagram) on lines 12345. Place outer stitch of first row at red points. Place inner stitch the same distance as first thread from center.

Repeat first and second threads for 2 more rows (total of 3 of each). With medium gold thread, work one row Sakasa Uwagake on lines ABCDE and 12345. Repeat in each 10-center on mari (12 stars in total). Work 1 row with gold thread around each red interwoven/Kousa diamond.

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