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Temari Pattern GT36 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design; interpreted from various sources. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 23 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #5 in assorted colors (this was worked as a Bits Ball)

Marking thread in black

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Locate the center pentagons on the C10. Also locate the intersecting/adjacent diamonds and triangles as shown in the diagrams. These are the shapes you will be using to stitch. All starting points are half way between the shape centers and bordering points. The starting points will be right next to each other, as shown. Keep starting corners as close to each other as possible. Work pentagons and triangles first.  The side points of the diamonds will fit better after knowing the exact placing of the sides of the adjacent triangles. All stitches are worked in Sakasa Uwagake Kagari.

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