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 14  Mentai: 6 Squares & 8 Hexagons (C8)
         This marking begins with an 8 Combination Division and results in 14 faces: 6 squares with 8 point centers, and 8 hexagons as 12-point centers centers. This marking is similar to how Tamentai from a C10 are done, in that the sides of the large triangles from the C8 division are divided into 3 segments, much like the 6-part triangle tamentai are approached.
        Begin by marking an 8 Combination Division using regular marking thread.

After completing the 8 Combination division, divide the long leg of the 4 point diamond in half (yellow pin in photo to left). Beginning at the 6-point center as shown, lay down extra marking lines to follow the path of 6-point center, bisecting each of the segments A-B, 6-point center, etc. Repeat from the same origination point on the opposite side of the 8 point center (B).
Rotate the ball to the next open 6 point intersection and repeat with 2 more threads in the same manner.

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