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Temari Pattern ST14 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Advanced design. Original composition; contributed by Shelley S.
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Materials: 25cm circumference mari, wrapped in blue

Stitching threads:  Pink rayon thread, pink & white cotton thread, white, peach and pale blue Pearl #20, white and pink Pearl #10, silver metallic thread.

Marking thread: thin white cotton thread

Prepare a Simple 12 Division

Measure up 1/3 from the obi on alternating lines toward the North Pole (diagram to left).  Mark 1/3 down from the North Pole on the same lines, creating squares on the equator line. At the south pole side every second obi square will blend with the triangle shape to create a shield, see pink toned areas in south diagram (diagram to right).
At the South Pole in the 3 large shield shapes, create a grid of squares 1.5cm per side, using the metallic silver thread. Using the same thread sub-divide each square vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Using the white thread stitch petals, shown in pink in the diagram, between the squares. Each petal goes from the center of a square to a point at the edge of each square ½ way between the silver lines. Use the same threads and technique for the 3 remaining squares along the equator.

In the remaining shapes at the south side find the center of the center (marking) line. Using white thread subdivide the space to create a 24 point star. Use a 1cm paper circle pinned to the center point as the inner kiku anchor line, then, using a double pink thread & Uwagake Chidori Kagari, stitch a kiku using every second line. Stitches cover each line from center circle to the edge of the shape. Continue to the start point then repeat  a second row on the alternate lines. Repeat in the other 2 shapes.
At the North Pole, in the shaded triangles stitch a swirl pattern using a single pink rayon thread.
The last 3 shapes are woven patterns:
a. the 1st  pattern uses rows of 3 white and 3 pink Pearle #10. The white rows run parallel to the left edge at the obi, the pink rows run parallel to the right edge. The rows interweave to create a checkerboard pattern.
b. The 2nd pattern interweaves vertical and horizontal sets of Pearle #20 each set is: 1 pink, 2 white, 1 pink. The vertical rows start on the center line then are placed to the right and left of the line leaving a gap between each row equal to 3 threads. The horizontal rows interweave the vertical, using the same spacing between rows.
c. The 3rd pattern uses white, pink and pale blue Pearle #20 and is set parallel to the left and right sides of the obi. Each row uses 9 alternating threads, blue/white on the left, pink/white on the right. Place the first row (9 threads) of blue/white on the left. Each thread of the pink/white weaves into the blue/white as follows, from the right: over 1 row- under8, over 2- under 7, over3-under 6, over 4-under5, over5-under4, over6-under3, over7-under2, over8-under1, over9. Then continue interweaving the rows(9 threads) until shape is filled.

Frame all spaces with 2 rows of white Pearle #20.

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