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Temari Pattern ST13 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Advanced design. Original composition; contributed by Shelley S.    
ST13    ST13     ST13
Materials: 27cm circum mari wrapped in black.

Stitching threads: Stranded floss in light, medium and dark green, light and medium yellow, medium blue, white, red, light and medium pink, light, medium and dark orange and medium purple.  Rayon threads: light yellow, blue, light orange, light green, medium purple and red. White Fingering yarn for butterfly thorax. Rayon floss: glossy black and red. Kreinik fine metallic braid: light green, gold, light pink, dark red, dark and light blue, silver.

Marking thread: fine gold, dark red fine metallic thread

Prepare a Simple 12 Division with single red thread.

Additional marking:  From North Pole measure down and mark points 1/3 and 2/3 of the distance between the pole and the equator on every second line, repeat on the same lines from the South Pole. Measure 1/6 from the equator to poles on alternate lines. Stitch marking lines into hexagons at the poles, into 6 pentagons in the next row and into 6 hexagons along the equator.
ST13  Using a template stitch guidelines around the butterfly shape. Vary the placement of the butterflies in the hexagon shapes at the obi. Using the Blue butterfly as an example: start at the body with a dark blue metallic braid, stitch out into the wings using a kiku stitch. Place about 12 stitches per side. Then use 2 threads of medium blue embroidery floss in a variety of long and short stitches between the metallic braid and the edge of the wing. Let areas of the black background show through the stitches to imply detail.
Finish the edges of the wings using a light blue Kreinik braid to stitch the top of the wings and to infill the edges. Then stitch the body using 2 rows of the white Fingering yarn and finish it using black rayon thread to note thorax lines. Using the same process the following lists the threads for each color of butterfly: Red- Light pink metallic Kreinik braid, red shiny rayon floss, 2 threads of medium pink thread. Yellow- Gold Kreinik braid, 2 threads light yellow floss, 2 threads medium yellow floss. Red/White- red metallic Kreinik braid, 2 threads light pink floss, 2 threads white floss. Green- Green metallic Kreinik braid, 2 threads medium green floss, 2 threads dark green floss. Orange- Gold Kreinik braid, 2 threads medium orange floss, 2 threads dark orange floss.

Flowers: There are 6 flower tiles as shown in the sketches, use 1 of each on both sides of the butterflies. The embroidery stitches and threads used are:
Wisteria – 2 threads medium green floss – chain stitch branches and flower stems and use a daisy stitch for the leaves. Flowers, for each flower stitch a petal on each side of the stem use red Kreinik metallic braid for the top then use1 thread light and 1 thread medium pink floss together for the main flower use short stitches.
Azalea- Use 2 threads of medium green floss for the vertical stems, use the daisy stitch for leaves. Flowers use 1 thread light and 1 thread medium orange floss together, use the daisy stitch and cluster 5 petals per flower, place them along the stems. Use light yellow single thread to stitch center.
Aster- Use 2 threads of medium green floss and create long stitches for stems and short ones for leaves, add some single dark green thread to some branches. Use 2 threads of white floss for flowers and buds stitched 6 sided cross pattern. Finish with single red thread for flower center.
Yellow Bells- Use 2 threads of medium green floss to chain stitch stems, use the daisy stitch for the leaves, use 2 threads of yellow floss for the flowers using 3 short stitches for each flower, finish with a single stitch of 2 thread dark green floss for the calyx.
Iris- Use 2 threads of medium green floss to stitch the long thin leaves, add1 thread of dark green floss to add variety. Use 2 threads of purple floss to stitch the flowers and buds. The flowers show 2 lower petals that arch down and 2 small upper petal, use a single yellow thread at the tops of each petal to finish..
Dahlia- Use 2 threads of medium green floss to stitch the branches, use an overlapping petal stitch for the individual leaves. For the flower use a single silver thread to create a 6 point star, use shiny red rayon floss to stitch the petals, use a pine needle stitch that overlaps across the middle of each petal. Finish with a yellow floss french knot center.

ST13 Butterfly Clusters in the hexagons at the poles: Use 2 threads of each color of rayon thread, medium purple, light green, light orange, blue, light yellow and red. Each butterfly is stitched in one of the triangles of the hexagon. Starting at the center point of the bisecting line stitch the top wings close to the outer edge using long stitches, stitch 7 rows. Starting near the bottom of the triangle stitch to the top of the junction of the wings, then go under the wings and around the junction out the bottom to create the second edge of the tail.

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