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Temari Pattern JD03 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Accomplished beginner. Interpreted design from web source. Contributed by Jessica DeB.
Materials:  22-28cm circumference mari, wrapped in dark blue

For stitching: Kyo thread in light and dark green (stranded floss, 2 threads may be substituted for smaller size mari). Pearl cotton #5 in colors of your choice; black, gray and white are used here.

Marking thread in to match mari wrap

Prepare a Simple 8 Division with invisible thread

Start at marking line A. Determine 1/5 of the distance between the NP and equator; place pins on both sides of the marking line using this distance (green lines in diagram). Place pins approximately every 2 - 3 cm. The pins are used to keep maki kagari in place. 
The first wrap is laid against these pins. Work the wraps from the pins toward the pole. Start with 1 light green wrap, than 5 darker green wraps and end with 1 light green wrap.  Do not remove the pins.
Repeat this on lines B, C and D weaving the maki kagari at the poles (diagram 2)

To secure the maki kagari, take 2 stitches which resemble the segmentation of the bamboo (diagram to left). Don’t work them too straight and don’t do them all in the same direction, give them a bit of a V-shape; they should have a natural appearance. Make sure the stitches are a little wider than the band,  and don't pull too tightly, otherwise the band won’t stay straight. Once these stitches are placed around the maki, you can remove the pins, but do not take the pins out before you have secured them or they may slide off the mari.
The leaves are done in tsumu kagari / spindle (see diagram to the left).
Measure from the north pole towards the equator on marking line A and B (see first diagram above) to determine 3/5th (E) and 4/5th (F) the distance from the pole. Place pins at these points. Stitch 3 rounds tsumu kagari in dark green and 1 round in light green. Make sure to stretch the points to get long slender leaves.
Place a pin in a bit higher than the 3/5th pin against the band, measure from this pin 1/5th over the band to the other side of the band. Stitch a spindle and do the same on the other side of the first leaf. The bits on top of the leaves are done in freehand embroidery and they each consist of 2 stitches, one a bit longer than the other. Work 4 of these groups on the north pole and 4 on the south pole. On the south pole they are done on marking lines C and D.                                    

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