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Temari Pattern DR03 / TemariKai  Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design, interpreted from web photo. Contributed by Deborah R & Ginny T.
Materials: 24cm wrapped in black thread. 

Pearl cotton # 5 in black, white, orange, yellow, medium green, light blue, medium blue, light purple and medium purple.  

Waste thread in contrasting color.

Prepare a Simple 4  Division using waste thread, and paper strip. Retain paper strip for future use in this design. Leave pins in place at poles and equator points to mark points A, B, C, D - see diagram 1 below.

Fold one-half of the paper strip into 32 sections. Pin in place, going from Point A to C, across the north pole. Using 2 different color pins, mark 5 lines shown in red and 5 lines shown in pink. Move the paper strip to place the end at Point C, going to Point A across the south pole, and repeat the pinning process as shown in the diagram to the left.

Anchor white pearl cotton (wrapping thread) at B. Wrap Band 1 using Tabane Maki (bands gathered at one or more points), working the distance shown in pink arrow.  Cross over at B and D so that the thread is always progressing towards the pole. Once one band has been wrapped, the number of rows has been determined, so the pins marking the remaining pink lines can be removed. Continue to wrap the remaining 4 bands; end thread at B.

Rotate the ball 90 degrees so that Point A is in front.  Mark the five band placements as before (pins will be in the center of the center wrapped band). Anchor white pearl at Point A and complete 5 bands as before.

Using doubled thread in black, stitch as shown by the black lines on Diagram 2.  Repeat on the lattice at the other pole. It is the use of same and contrasting colors between mari wrap, band colors and lattice that creates the illusion of the houndstooth design.
Using contrast colors, work maki kagari, wrapping the blue bands as shown in Diagram 3.  These bands should be thinner than the lattice bands (about 2/3 - 3/4 of lattice band width). Make the outer half of the band a darker shade than the inner half. Wrap 2 bands beginning at Point B; rotate the ball 90 degrees and wrap remaining 2 bands beginning at Point C.  With a final color (green in this example), wrap a band straight around the equator. 
When working Tabane Maki, try to keep the gathering points neat and smooth. You may find using pairs of keeper pins to be of help.

This pattern can be worked in any color way you choose, but remember that in order to achieve the Houndstooth illusion, the lattice bands must contrast with the mari wrap, and the lattice stitches must match the mari wrap.

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