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Temari Pattern AW12 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Advanced design. One of 6 JTA Kyoujyu exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  28 cm circumference mari, wrapped in light blue

Pearl cotton #5 in 3 light, medium and dark green; purple, white, pink, yellow, very dark brown, light pink, and pinkish-tan (flesh) colors. Wool crewel yarn in off white, light to medium gray, light tan.  

Marking thread to match mari wrap

Prepare a Simple 16 Division with invisible thread; Mark NP with pin for future reference

Place keeper pins .5cm from equator. Point A is 2.5cm from equator; Points B & C are centered between Line A-A and the next marking line of the S16, 1.5cm from equator.

Line A-A is a long stitch using dark green pearl cotton on every other marking line. Using dark green pearl cotton, work uwagake chidori kagari, passing the the thread between the keeper pin & equator; needle enters at B and exits at C. Alternate stitches on opposite sides of equator on next S16 marking lines.
Stitch 1 round north of equator and then 1 round south of equator. Round 2 of uwagake chidori is at keeper pin. Remove pin when stitch is in place. Alternate north and south of equator as in first round. Stitch subsequent rounds in the same manner as Round 2 using 2 rounds of medium green and then 1 round of light green pearl cotton.

The flowers and petals around the obi are single chain stitches using pearl cotton. Each flower is 5 separate chain stitches around the end of each stem (Line A-A). The diagram above shows the color placement of flowers and centers - however, the blue flowers indicate using white pearl cotton.
Flower centers are French knots, using 2 wraps around the needle.  Petals are working in medium green pearl cotton, placed on stems as shown in the diagram.

Note the the "horizon" indicated in the diagram is a marking line running through the N & S poles. This is the lamb placement on the N pole. The body is stitched with 1 twisted strand of crewel yarn in off white, using French knots wrapped 2 times around the needle. Fill the body area of the lamb with off white.
The legs on the "far" side of the lamb are worked in French knots as above, using light gray crewel yarn. The hooves are satin stitches using "flesh" (pinkish tan) pearl cotton. The muzzle is worked in satin stitches using off white crewel yarn. The ear is 2 strands of tan crewel yarn using open chain stitch. The nose is one small stitch of light pink pearl cotton. Accent grass is worked in straight stitches using dark green pearl cotton.

The lamb on the south pole is worked in similar fashion to that of its sibling on the north pole. Note that the "horizon" line is the same marking line used to place the north pole lamb. This design was worked on a 28cm mari; if adjusting the size of the mari, remember that the obi design cannot extend beyond 1/2 the distance of equator to pole in order to have enough space to properly work a lamb on each pole.

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