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Temari Pattern AW10 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Advanced design. One of 8 JTA Shihan  exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  22 cm circumference mari, wrapped in muted color

Pearl cotton #5 in 1 variegated with 6 coordinating colors; 1 contrasting color 

Marking thread to match mari wrap

Prepare a Simple 12 Division with invisible thread

Main Diagram

Add extra marking lines: Measure distance A-A' (distance between vertical intersections of S12 marking lines at equator). Using this distance, place pins at pts B and D. Connect A, B, C, D to form 6 diamonds as shown in diagram to left. (A-A' = A-B, etc). Place pins at pts a, b, c, d which is 1/2 distance of A-B. On the marking lines that run through pts B and D of the diamonds previously stitched, place pins down from north and up from south poles this same 1/2 A-B distance, on points 1, 2 etc as shown in diagram.

Triangles will be stitched with solid color threads using points ab1, dc1 etc. around the mari. Kousa style stitching is used throughout. Place colors opposite each other and in opposite hemisphere; see main diagram above for placement. Work 1 row on each triangle.
Variegated thread is used for the rectangles around the equator (abcd). Stitch 1 row after the triangle rows.
Variegated thread is used for the hexagons (123456) at the poles: 2 rows. Repeat sequence of 1 row triangles, 1 row rectangles, 2 rows hexagons. .

Important: all stitches should be as close as possible to previous stitch; groom threads as you work to maintain placement and straight lines as shown in diagram to the left. Continue stitching sequence of 1 row triangles, 1 row rectangles, 2 rows hexagon until points of the triangles meet at the poles and equator. When this is accomplished, stitch 1 last row using variegated thread around the rectangles, and 2 around the hexagons to finish the pattern. Fill any gaps around the hexagons with contrasting color.

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