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Temari Pattern TL01 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Originally posted 2001; thanks to Tania L.; Interpreted from page 6 & 52 of the Japanese book  Owari Special Temari  ISBN4-8377-0391-7
Materials: 32cm circumference mari, wrapped in red.

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, black and 6 rainbow colors. Gold metallic.

Prepare a Simple 10 division. Divide the north and south hemispheres into fourths, mark each line (this means 3 additional points in each hemisphere, since the equator is already marked).

With your first rainbow color, stitch one row above and one row below each of the marked circles stitching at each division line (2 rows per line = total of 14 rows of color #1). With white, wrap 1 row on each side of the 10 division lines.

Repeat the horizontal lines with the next rainbow color, keeping as close to the first color as possible. Repeat the vertical wraps with white. Continue in this manner until all 6 colors have been used. With black, repeat the stitching of the rainbow rounds, but add two vertical lines at each division to form a square.
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