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Temari Pattern ST02 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Inspired by several temari from a variety of resources. Originally posted 2006; contributed by Shelley S.
SS02 Materials: 26cm circumference mari, wrapped in blue

Stranded floss in a variety of colors.

Gold metallic filament

Prepare a Simple 12 division. This is a two layer design with the tsumu kagari/spindles being the first layer and the equator band the second. The spindles are created on every second line.

1.    The starting point for the spindles is 2.5cm above the equator on alternate lines. Continue the first line to a point 2.5 cm below the equator. The color pattern for the spindles are as follows:

Rows 1-2    White
Rows 3-4    Light yellow
Rows 5-6    Dark yellow
Rows 7-9    Pale orange
Rows 10-12    Medium orange
Rows 13-14    Red
Row 15    Black

The points of the spindles should meet at both the north and south poles.

2.    Starting at the equator wrap one band of black over the spindles. Then using the red, dark orange, light orange, yellow and white sequence of colors weave them over the spindles. The red thread weaves under the black and over all the others to exit under the black. The dark orange weaves under the black and red and over the others to exit under the red and black. The sequence continues weaving under the darker colors and over the lighter. This sequence is followed on both sides of the equator.

3.    The gold yarn is used to over wrap the 12 marking lines as the final step.

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