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Temari Pattern SM01 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Personal composition by Sara M.  And - as Sara says, "You are gonna need A LOT of pins. :>) " Originally posted 2004; contributed by Sara M. 
Materials: 32cm (or larger) circumference mari, wrapped in red.

Pearl Cotton #5 in 3 colors.

Marking thread is not visible on completed design, so choice is not critical.

Prepare a Simple 4 division. When dividing the ball keep all your pins in at all the guide line crossings. There are 8 triangles formed from the Simple 4. You will work one triangle at a time.  On each leg of the triangle you are working on, divide it into 8 even sections (you'll be adding 7 pins between the two corner pins).  I measured the middle pin and eyeballed the other three.
The photos show pin markings. Once your triangle is marked on all sides with pins, pick a starting point, any starting point.  Bring your needle up behind the marking pin making sure you are also on the outside of the marking thread.  Then count over 11 pins counter-clockwise.  On the 11th pin, pick up some thread on the right side of the pin (include the marking thread) come around the pin (over the marking thread) and count over another 11 pins and repeat.  When looking at the photo at the left, you can see the most of this.  Also notice that it's going to look pretty random until you finish all the lines.  Go to an adjacent triangle and mark the other two side with pins and repeat.  Make sure that you catch the loop of the finished triangle side with your stitches.

I grabbed very little thread of the mari wrap while doing the stitches on this ball and relied on the actual stitches themselves to keep each of the others in place.  You can see what I mean in picture at left.  The pins did get in the way and I would remove them when I finished two adjacent sides. Also, I added the yellow stitches as an afterthought after all the pins were removed.  I didn't re-add pins, I just used the existing loops. I did the yellow the same way only counting over 5 pins and not doing the stitches that would follow the marking thread (you'll see what I mean when you get to that point.)
Then you'll just do a wrap design along the marking threads.  Note that along the marking threads with all your loopy stitching, it will be bulky along there.  I used a gold Kreinik ribbon  (sp?) gold to kind of PUSH the bulk down.
sm01        sm01

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