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Temari Pattern LW10 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design.  Originally posted 2009; contributed by Linda W.
LW10 Materials: 24cm circumference, wrapped in blue

Pearl Cotton #5:  blue and white for the basket; 5 colors for the kiku – 3 shades of yellow, white and green

Silver metallic for marking lines. 

Prepare a Simple 8 Division

1.    Stitch additional marker lines, approximately 2cm either side of the equator and stitch in a zig-zag as shown in diagram above.

2.    Stitch triangles A-B-C-A on the extra marking lines, doing 4 rounds in white and then 4 rounds in blue.  The base of the triangles will cross the South Pole.

3.   Repeat this sequence on each side of each marker line over the south pole, interweaving as shown in the photograph, as you work around the ball.  You will work 8 triangles.  Ensure you also interweave as the threads cross the pole.

4.    When the basket is finished, add 8 more marker lines across the North Pole, to reach down in between the upper ‘peaks’ of the basket.  Using these 16 marker lines, stitch a kiku design with uwagake chidori kagari around the north pole, as shown in the photograph, working from the darkest yellow through to the lightest, then white and lastly green. Stitch so that the kiku fills the remaining space at the north pole.  The number of rounds will depend on the size of your ball.

5.    Finish with French knots at the north pole, using the darkest yellow thread.
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